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shark disection
kids bubbles

Herbivore Experiment

Tinker Thinker Thursday – Pterodactyl Glider   –    Pterodactyl Glider Template

Maker Monday: Make Your Own Instrument

Flying Tea Rockets

Maker Monday: Make Nature Sculptures

Try It Tuesday: Chromatography Flowers

Wear It Wednesday: DNA Sequence Bracelet

Tinker Thinker Thursday – Lego Flowers

Maker Monday: Edible Core Samples

Try It Tuesday: Straw Magic

Skittles Rainbow

Tinker Thinker Thursday – Edible Structures

Maker Monday: Straw Paper Airplane Flier

Try It Tuesday: Paper Airplane Catapult

Tinker Thinker Thursday: LEGO Balloon Car

Maker Monday: Da Vinci Bridge     –    Leonardo da Vinci

Way Back Wednesday: Density Experiment     –    Archimedes

Ocean Tides

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