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A Racing Legend


In 1962, Jim Hall and Hap Sharp started a small racing team in Midland, Texas—they named it Chaparral Cars after the Spanish word for “roadrunner.”

The science of aerodynamics was never completely appreciated by automobile designers until James Ellis Hall revolutionized the sport in his Chaparral Racing Cars. Jim Hall is revered by the world’s racing community as the innovator who introduced the movable wing in 1965. His aerodynamic wing, ground effects and lightweight construction materials transformed auto racing as well as passenger car safety and fuel efficiency in the 20th Century. With great cars and talented drivers, the Chaparral team won fame worldwide and gave American race fans a team for which to cheer.

Cars on Display – Descriptions and photos of all the Chaparral Cars and the GS IIB Experimental Corvette.

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gallerywideThroughout the 1960s—and into the 1970s and the 1980s—Jim Hall and his team at Chaparral Cars designed, built and raced legendary race cars that thrilled fans, amazed the competition and were considered the most innovative cars of their time. Working quietly from their Midland shop, the Chaparral team took racecar engineering to new levels of performance.

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