Lectures at the Petroleum Museum

Arlen Edgar Distinguished Lecture Series – underwritten by Abell-Hanger Foundation

The Arlen Edgar Distinguished Lecture Series brings explorers, photographers, scientists, and historians from all over the world to the Permian Basin. Special thanks to the Abell Hanger Foundation for their sponsorship of these events. This is a free, ticketed event. For reservations, call 432-683-4403 or reserve online by clicking here.

April 9th Presentation: Where Minerals & Biology Collide
Dr. Robert Hazen
Senior Staff Scientist at the Carnegie Institution’s Geophysical Laboratory and Clarence Robinson Professor of Earth Sciences at George Mason University

A renowned mineralogist and astrobiologist, Dr. Robert Hazen’s research demonstrates that Earth’s mineralogy has changed through time due to varying physical, chemical, and biological processes. “There’s a growing awareness of the dramatic changes in Earth’s mineralogy over the past 4.5 billion years. Remarkably, that epic story is as much about life as it is about rock. We now realize that minerals and life evolved together,” says Hazen. For the past decade, Dr. Hazen and his colleagues have explored the roles of minerals in life’s origins. He is developing a global mineral evolution database which could reveal mineralogical records of important geophysical, geochemical, and biological events in Earth’s history. Hazen is active in national science education policy and is passionate about presenting science to nonscientists. Join us to explore where minerals and biology collide with Dr. Robert Hazen.

Brown Bag Lunch and Lecture Series – sponsored by Norma J. McGrew & Hahl Proctor Charitable Trust, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee

The Petroleum Museum’s Brown Bag Lunch and Lectures give our community the chance to visit with authors, scientists, artists, and historians who recount the petroleum industry’s beginning, present and future, along with topics of local and historical interest.  These lectures are sponsored by Norma J. McGrew & Hahl Proctor Charitable Trust, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee. Admission is always free. Drinks and dessert are provided.

Check our News and Events for the upcoming schedule.

March 19th Presentation: THE SPRING
Tumbleweed Smith
Newspaper Columnist & Radio Producer from Big Spring, Texas

From a historic standpoint, the “big spring” of Howard County is one of the most significant springs in Texas. Archeological data has found that the spring was an important watering hole in West Texas even prior to man setting foot in the region. It was originally referred to as the “Big Spring of the Colorado” by early explorers. Kelly Cook with KDC Associates of Midland was charged with the $2 million renovation at the city’s namesake. The renovation includes story-boards and educational signage covering the history of the area. Construction features native stone and Civilian Conservation Corps-style architecture. Added to the complex is a new interpretive/education center to help interpret the history of the spring. Join us to learn about this exciting project to revitalize a historic gem in the Permian Basin!

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