The Petroleum Museum is more than a museum about oil and gas. We are a science and technology museum, an art museum, a history museum, and so much more.

From children exploring what powers their world in the child-size Energy City to researchers studying the history of the Permian Basin in the Library and Archives Center, the Museum offers learning opportunities for every age. Travel back in time to “Boomtown,” delve into the science that is at the heart of the petroleum industry, race into the ingenuity of the world-famous Chaparral racecars, and experience the cultural history of the Permian Basin captured in the paintings of award-winning artist Tom Lovell.

Click the links below to learn more about the exhibit areas of the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum.

Petroleum Exhibits

Mineral Gallery

Abell Family Gallery (featuring paintings by Tom Lovell)

Chaparral Gallery

Outdoor Oil Patch Exhibits


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