Permian Basin Petroleum Museum, Library and Hall of Fame Governing Board Members

2023 Board of Trustees & Affiliations

Will Porter President Midland, TX McClure Oil Company, Inc.
Mark Carr Vice President Midland, TX Republic Oil & Gas
Billy W. Harris Secretary Midland, TX Lodestone Oil & Gas Consulting, LLC
Alan Krenek Treasurer Fort Worth, TX Independent
Kip Agar Midland, TX OGX Resources
Lindsay Ballard Midland, TX EnergyNet
Kline Boyd Midland, TX Boyd & McWilliams Energy Company
R. Danny Campbell Midland, TX Henry Resources
Travis Counts Midland, TX Civitas Resources, Inc.
Gary Douglas Midland, TX Lynch, Chappell & Alsup
Ben Friedman Midland, TX RK Supply
Brandon Gaynor Midland, TX Colgate Energy
Trey Grafa Midland, TX
Laura Paige Innerarity Midland, TX Scharbauer Family Management, LLC
John L. Kennedy Midland, TX Diamond K Petroleum
Joe Liberty Midland, TX Civic Leader/Investor
Donny McClure Midland, TX McClure Oil Company, Inc.
Kyle Milling Midland, TX Wildcat Oil & Tool
Mike Oestmann Midland, TX Tall City Exploration III
Eric Pickett Midland, TX ConocoPhillips
Wes Perry Midland, TX EGL Resources
Kyle Stallings Midland, TX Desert Royalty Company
Jim Woodcock Midland, TX Independent

Members of the Petroleum Museum’s Board of Trustees are nominated in response to needs of the Museum with an emphasis on diversity in vocation, background, race, age and geographic location. All who serve on the Board of Trustees have exhibited commitment to the Petroleum Museum. In addition to acting as the governing body of the Petroleum Museum, trustees make full use of their expertise, talents, interests and enthusiasm through active involvement in committees.