Hall of Fame Information

The Petroleum Hall of Fame is dedicated to those who cherished the freedom to dare and whose work and service helped build the Permian Basin.

The Petroleum Hall of Fame was instituted in October 1967 by the authority of the charter of the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum “to honor those persons  who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the petroleum industry or have served as worthy examples to those in the petroleum industry, and thereby to record such examples of service, strength of character and achievement for the inspiration and education of present and future generations.”

Since 1968, when the late Frank T. Pickrell of El Paso, Texas was elected as the initial honoree, 156 individuals have been inducted into the nationally recognized Petroleum Hall of Fame. Each of the honorees have distinguished themselves with their accomplishments and their leadership. They have served as worthy examples to those in both their community and the petroleum industry.

Each odd-numbered year a maximum of four people or teams are inducted into the Hall of Fame. Those inducted have been elected by the Museum’s governing board, after an extensive study of their qualifications by the Hall of Fame Committee.

The 2023 Petroleum Hall of Fame Inductees were:


Submission of names of persons, living or deceased, for election to the Hall of Fame may be made by any interested party. If you know a person that you believe qualifies as a candidate for the Petroleum Hall of Fame, please contact the Museum for the nomination procedures and criteria at 432-683-4403, email Archives & Collections Manager or download the nominee criteria HERE. Completed nominations may be hand-delivered or mailed to the Museum. All nominations should be received no later than August 30, 2024, to be considered for the 2025 Petroleum Hall of Fame.