The Oil Patch

This exhibit is dedicated to the men of the oil fields whose hands dug the ditches, drilled the wells, produced the oil and gas and who sweated and shivered at thousands of locations around the world.  Let their names be honored and voices remembered here.

There was a great variety of equipment in the oil fields (the “oil patch”) in the 1920s and 1930s.  Steam, gas and electric powered drilling rigs contributed to the excitement of the industry growing to meet mushrooming demand.  The Museum’s 40-acre outdoor exhibit area of drilling rigs and related equipment is the largest collection of its type in the world.

Exhibits Include….

  • Eight full-sized cable-tool rigs
  • Santa Rita No. 2, originally a drilling rig, but converted for pumping
  • 148’ mast rotary drilling rig
  • 119’ 1930s steel production derrick
  • Oil field tools such as drill bits, tools, equipment, hard hats and more
  • Rotary drilling rig

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