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Rock Tumbler


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An easy start to rock tumbling!

With its simple, quality, leak-proof design and functionality, this rock tumbler gives young geologists an easy start to a fascinating hobby they’ll enjoy for life.

Just follow the instructions and fill it up with the included rocks and polishing grit. Before you know it, those rough rocks will be transformed into stunning gems – then you can turn them into jewelry with the included fastenings!

Let the beauty of nature shine with the National Geographic Explorer Series Rock Tumbler.

National Geographic Explorer Series Rock Tumbler

  • Rock tumbler designed for young beginners
  • Encourages curiosity, an interest in science and geology
  • Polish the included rocks, then find more rocks of your own to polish!
  • Features fastenings for turning polished rocks into jewelry
  • High-quality, leak-proof design for exceptional rock tumbling experience
  • Includes tumbling machine, leak-proof tumbling barrel, bag of rough gemstones (250g), 4 bags of polishing grit (20g each), rock strainer, 5 jewelry settings
  • Detailed learning guide and instructions included
  • High durability for polishing rocks again and again