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Lava-Nado Lava Labs Experiments


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  • Explore. Learn. Display. A Lava Lamp inspired STEM / STEAM toy for the inquisitive kid; create a force of nature, a twisting tornado right there on your table
  • Explore and experiment with the swirling world of vortexes, centripetal forces and fluid dynamics; you’ll end up with a cool color changing light for your room
  • Create your vortex in the Lava Lamp shaped base, the color changing LED lights create an amazing light show with the swirling water
  • Contains everything you need, the Vortex Generator base, funnel and eyedropper, bag of Lava particles, bag of Lava glitter and an 8 page instruction book; 3 AA batteries required, not included
  • A great gift for the budding scientist ages 8+