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Goodnight, Drilling Rig


By Kyle Wagner

Somewhere tucked in bed is a little boy or girl whose parent is working in the oil patch. This sweet book helps them say goodnight to that loved one and all that is around them.

Author Kyle Wagner realized that there was a lack of children’s books dedicated to the petroleum industry. Kyle has been an industry professional for many years and took his own kids with him to rigs, pulling units, and pumping wells. The idea for Goodnight, Drilling Rig came to be while they were tagging along with dad. Each lovely book is signed by the author. Kyle is also the author of “O” is for Oilfield.

A portion of the sale of each book is donated to the non-profit organization, OHH (Oilfield Helping Hands). You can learn more about them at

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Hard bound book

ISBN: 978-1-7348227-1-7