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Forward by Stephen Henry

Steve Burnett draws from his life experiences and his unique sense of humor in developing the characters featured in his drawn-from-life cartoons. West Texas, and particularly his hometown of Sundownm introduced him to the value of hard work, the challenges of the boom and bust oilfield economy and the tougher-than-the-land-and-weather strength necessary to survive and thrive in the oil patch. Follow his cartoons for even a few episodes and you will come to know his characters and the humor and exasperation they experience in trying to train those who would dare to grow into their shoes. More humor comes from seeing those who try to produce oil and gas from an office without experiencing the challenges of blistering 120 degree days on a rig, the bone-numbing bitterness of below-freezing winter nights or the ache of muscles which have fought to tighten or loosen rust-encrusted pipes and nuts and bolts. Steve has been there, done that and now presents and preserves those experiences for one and all with pen and ink.

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Cartoonist Steve Burnett bases his cartoons on bringing respect through humor for the blue-collar workers who lay it on the line every day to do the best they can for their families. His cartoons are his way of saying, “Thanks for what you do. Have a grin on me.”

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