GS IIB Experimental Corvette

The GS II (Grand Sport II) was a test vehicle completed in late 1963 by Chevrolet Engineering Center (C.E.C.). The chassis was constructed of spot-welded sheet steel and was fitted with narrow tires. With only minor testing done at GM’s test facility in Michigan, the vehicle was shipped to Midland, Texas in January 1964 to the Chaparral Cars test facility for further evaluation. After two months of testing, GS II was returned to Michigan where it was destroyed, and the updated GS IIB was built.

GS IIB chassis was constructed of .032” sheet aluminum riveted and bonded together monocoque, and the new body was made to fit wider tires. Its design appeared to be based on the 1963 Chaparral 2 basic layout. GS IIB was shipped to Midland in June 1964 for extensive testing and remained there until 1968 when it was returned to C.E.C. for body modifications. Jim Hall did most of the high-speed test driving for Chevrolet during this period. The car was returned to Midland on August 6, 1969, where it remained. After being stored for 20 years, Chaparral restored the vehicle to its original configuration.

Data accumulated from Chevrolet Engineering test programs with Chaparral were integrated by Chaparral into future designs starting with the Chaparral 2C.

Serial No. EX600
DESIGNED AND BUILT BY: Chevrolet Engineering Center (C.E.C.)
Division of General Motors Corporation
Warren, Michigan

Type: Concept/Prototype
Engine: Chevrolet Aluminum Small Block 327 cubic inch V-8
Carburation: 4x Twin-Throat Weber
Bore/Stroke: 4 inch/3.25 inch
Body/Frame: Thin Fiberglass over Aluminum Tub
Driven Wheels: RWD
Wheel Type: Multi-Piece
Curb Weight: 1,450 pounds
Transmission: One-Speed Automatic