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Time of the Coldmaker


Winter has always been a brutal season on the plains of North Dakota. Skin Lodges provided little protection from the icy winds that blew down from the north. But the Mandans stayed warm in their comfortable homes of earth and wood. By 1750, the Mandans had acquired horses and buffalo hunting took on a great significance in their lives. Now they could lay up ample stores of meat to supplement the vegetables they grew, and the heavy buffalo robes kept them warm in the blizzards.

Mandan’s attached special importance to their horses. During winter days, the horses were loose-herded in the shelter of nearby cottonwood groves. At sundown, the prized buffalo horses were brought into lodges for warmth and security. – TL

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Release Year: 1976

Size: 18 x 33

Artist Proof—Hand signed by the artist

Print by Artist Tom Lovell