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Mineral Explorers DVDs – Bolivia/Colombia




Official Selection, 21st Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival

A journey into the jungles of eastern Bolivia takes us deep underground to a world of natural wonder. Join Thomas as he explores the Anahi Mine, renowned for its production of amethyst and ametrine. The adventure begins over 400 miles away in the bustling city of Santa Cruz before traveling by boat through the Pantanal wetlands to the mine. Then it’s deep underground to discover the minerals and the myths. See how the minerals are mined, watch their transformation from gem rough to gemstones, and experience, first-hand, the world’s largest gem pocket!

Minerals featured in this episode: Amethyst and ametrine


Best Reality Show, 2011 International Television Festival, Official Selection, 20th Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival

Every day, millions of dollars worth of emeralds are traded on the streets of Bogota – Colombia’s thriving capital city. But few ever venture to the source of these elusive gems, located deep in the valleys of the Andes Mountains. Thomas leads viewers over treacherous mountain roads and past gun-toting locals to explore Colombia’s gorgeous but rugged countryside, the lives of its people and the amazing world of emeralds. Then, it’s back to the big city to visit the world’s largest emerald district.

Minerals featured in this episode: Emeralds

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