STEM Education Center




The Permian Basin Petroleum Museum is enhancing cultural experiences through expanded educational opportunities, aiming to reach a broader audience. The construction of an independent building designated for education programs and activities will greatly improve our ability to offer more programs, create new events, and enhance learning for visitors of all ages.


The STEM Education Center will allow the Museum to:

♦ Expand our class sizes and programs, offering more classes to more children.

♦ The opportunity to continue and increase collaborations with Permian Basin schools.

♦ Provide a highly interactive environment for our community.

♦ Work closely in partnership with the planned charter school on the adjacent grounds.

♦ Provide remarkable outside space for both programs and rentals.

Thanks to the generous support of the Scharbauer Foundation, the FMH Foundation, the Mabee Foundation, the Abell-Hanger Foundation, the Wayne and JoAnn Moore Foundation, and many other donors, the Museum has raised 90% of the funds needed for this much-needed addition.

With your support, we will begin the construction of this innovative space for students as early as January 2021. No gift is too small!  Your generous donation can help buy chairs that will serve as the foundation of children’s love for science as they build and code a robotic rover or create their very first chemical reaction.  Your gift could provide a collaborative workspace for students to develop 21st-century skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, flexibility, and communication. Your support will help construct shelves to hold maker materials such as art supplies, motors, wires, tools, and much more. All of these materials will help inspire future architects, programmers, and artists.  You can help us to provide these students with a safe, engaging learning environment that will foster the next generation of STEM professionals. Your generous support will provide the opportunity for a child to open their mind and develop their potential in a world full of wonder, creativity, growth, and inspiration.  It will encourage students for years to come to develop a passion and respect for the world of STEM and achieve goals they never knew were possible. We hope you will be a part of finishing out this important capital campaign!  Be a part of the future!