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  • "spOILed" T-Shirt

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  • Boomtown Giclee

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    In the mid to late 1920s numerous wildcat discoveries were made in remote parts of the Permian Basin.  Small "towns" quickly developed at the delivery point  of equipment and supplies nearest these new oil fields.  This "Boom Town" image is a composite of such a community and its exploration activities, circa 1926.  The location of this "Boom Town" is looking south from the base of King Mountain in western Upton County, near the present town of McCamey. This Don Parks painting is available as a giclee either on paper or as canvas mounted onto foam core board.

  • Crude Coffee Beans


    These “Crude” brews are roasted right here in Midland, Texas.  Fresh whole beans are roasted to perfection with the roast date right on the bag. They come to our store within 4 days of roasting to provide you with the freshest beans possible. Whether you choose the Permian Basin Brew, Dry Hole Brew, Frac-Fluid Blend, or Hallelujah Well coffee beans, you will not only make a great cup of coffee, but you will learn the meaning of those terms!

  • Oil Can Mugs


  • Oil in a Day's Work T-Shirt

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    This t-shirt comes to you straight from our very own Archive Library. The Santa Rita blowout is featured in the background. The forefront shows four men covered in oil possibly after a hard day's work on the rig. A perfect combination of two outstanding photos!

  • PBPM Stainless Steel Mug


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  • Shotgun Toll


    Print by Artist Tom Lovell