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These “Crude” brews are roasted right here in Midland, Texas.  Fresh whole beans are roasted to perfection with the roast date right on the bag. They come to our store within 4 days of roasting to provide you with the freshest beans possible. Whether you choose the Permian Basin Brew, Dry Hole Brew, Frac-Fluid Blend, or Hallelujah Well coffee beans, you will not only make a great cup of coffee, but you will learn a little bit about this amazing industry!



Permian Basin Brew – Medium to Dark Roast Costa Rican beans

Dry Hole Brew – Medium Roast (Decaffeinated) Sumatran beans

Frac-Fluid Blend – Light to Medium Roast Central and South American beans

Hallelujah Well – Light to Medium Roast Guatemalan beans


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