“The Adventures of Willy Nilly & Thumper”

"The Adventures of Willy Nilly & Thumper"

by Jim Henry with Jimmy Patterson Illistrated by Marjorie Van Heerden

$7.95 — $14.95

Created by a native of Midland, Willy Nilly and Thumper are best friends and adventurers with a knack for getting into tight squeezes and out of sticky situations, and always, always doing what is right.

Book 1- The Lost Treasure of Mount Methuselah

When heavy rain washes out a camping trip, the friends seek shelter in a mysterious cave. Adventure and excitement quickly turn dangerous; the best friends are forced to think fast and make tough decisions before they are safe once again.

Book 2- The Hermit’s Last Hair

While on a tricky mission to save the life of a princess who has fallen under the spell of a wicked witch the friends are confronted by an angry bear, an icy mountain, a scary hot-air balloon ride, and a life-threatening storm. But the greatest challenge is persuading a grumpy old hermit to give them what Princess Paula needs, and getting it back to the castle before it is too late.

Book 3- Stella Star

When Thumper wishes on a star and that wish comes true, he and Willy Nilly make an exciting new friend named Stella but soon realize that she belongs in the sky. All three of them have to use their wits to get her home before nightfall. But can they outsmart a wicked witch who wants to stop them?

Book 4- Charlie The Cross-Eyed Crocodile

A carefree canoe ride down the n Juan River holds a nasty surprise for Willy Nilly and thumper when Charlie the Cross-eyed Crocodile tries to catch the adventurous best friends and have them for dinner. All they could see was Charlie’s huge, sharp teeth.