Core Lamp with Lighted Core

Core Lamp with Lighted Core


This lamp is made from a core sample pulled from the San Andres Formation in Andrews County, Texas.. Its depth is 4,000 feet.  It comes from the Paleozoic Era, Permian Period.  The age of this core is 230,000,000 years.

This beautiful lamp stands a total of 27″ tall from the top of the shade to the bottom of it’s wooden base. It also contains a light inside the core and is regulated by a Cyron control. The control has 14 different modes. The individual measurements are as follows;

Shade – Top Diameter= 7″, Bottom Diameter= 18″, Height = 12″

Core – Diameter= 4″, Height = 11

Base – Diameter= 8″, Height = 3″

Cord – 6′